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We always have a vast amount of new and used hard to get parts in stock at all times. As we restore these cars all the time we cant always offer every part for sale, however our stocks change weekly as we are always on the look out for new and used parts so its worth contacting us with your enquiry and we can keep it in mind . Most of our parts are sent by post or courier or special appointment or meeting arrangments can be made for bigger parts. We dont accept visitors for parts unless prior arrangments are made as sometimes we need a bit of time to locate the parts.

We have a large stock of new and refurbished parts in stock at our premises in Lullymore Rathangan, Co Kildare, contact (045) 890818 or 087 250 30 90 for details of pricing and stock.

Items not in stock can be ordered upon customer request.

Retro Car Radios (New 27/02/22!)

Sports Steering Wheels (New 27/02/22!)

Bundle Deals (Updated 22/04/21!)

Assorted Parts (Bundle Deals Available. New stock in 08/11/20)


Interior Panels


Cabrio Hoods


Rear Aprons

Rear Bottom Quarters

Rear Quarter String of Bolts

Spark Plugs

Ponts Condensers

Engine Oil

Altenator Pullies


Manifold Rubbers



Spray Grease

Oil Pressure & Brake Light Switches

Altenators & Dynamos

Plugleads (New Stock In! 08/11/20)

Tail Pilpes & Exhaust Pipes

Exhaust Boxes


Carburettors (Updated 13/01/21)

Clutch Kits(Updated 03/07/21)

Brake pads

Brake Shoes

Wheel Cylinders

Handbrake & Clutch Cables

Brake Master Cylinders

Brake Discs

Brake Calipers

Stubb Axle

Axle Gators & CV Boots

Steering Dampers (Updated!06/04/21)

Ball Joints & Track Ends

Oil Seals

Wiper Blades

Petrol Pumps(Updated! 06/04/21)

Wheel Bearing Kits (Updated! 07/03/21)

Brake Pipes

Indicator Rubbers(Updated! 20/12/20)

Wing Beading

Window Holders

Stone Guards (New stock in! 24/11/20)

Rear Beetle Lamps (Updated 30/04/21)

Rear Bus Lamps

Headlamps (New stock 03/07/21)

Sports Wheels

Bumpers (New stock 16/08/20)

Chassis Repair Panels



Engine Chrome Fittings (New stock 07/08/20)

Wing Mirrors (Ubdated 15/05/21)


Engine Service Kits

Silicone Sealers

Chrome Window Winders (New stock in!)

Starter Motors (Updated Stock 13/01/21)

Voltage Regulators (Updated Stock 16/08/20)

Track Rod Ends

Heat Exchangers

Exhaust Gaskets

Master Cylinders

Front Quarter Panels

Engine Oils and Seals

Custom Air and Oil Filters (Updated Stock 03/07/21)

Shock Absorbers and Steering Dampers (Bundle Deals available) (Updated Stock 30/08/20)


Engine Seals and Gaskets

Distributors, Ignition Coils, Plugs and Plug Leads (New stock 07/08/2020 - Bundle Deals available)

Gearbox Mounts

Rear Lamp Fittings

Brake Cables

Rear Lamp Rubbers

Rocker Gaskets

Distributor Caps and Leads

Chrome Plate Covers

Chrome Altenator and Dynamo Stands

Chrome Engine Guards (New stock available 08/11/20)

Fuel Cap and Door Locks

Rear Wings for Beetles

Brake Conversion Parts

Running Boards and Stone Guards

Type2 Door Skins


Brake Parts (Updated 10/10/20)

Indicator Lenses and Interior Lights (New Stock 19/11/20)

Bus Rear Panels

Hubs (New Stock 07/03/21)

Fuel Gauges

Chrome Hub Caps

Bus Body Panels

Beetle Chrome Parts (New Stock 21/12/20)

Beetle Clear Indicator Lenses (New Stock 08/11/20)

Beetle Rear Quarter Panels

Beetle Type 2M Trike Engines

Chrome Tinwear

Front Lowering Gas Shocks

Beetle and Bus engines

Chrome Headlamp Rims

Chrome Eyelids

Chrome Bonnet Trim

Chrome Door Trim>

Chrome Window Handle Set >

Bumper Grommits

Engine Pullies

Carpet Sets

Door Mirrors

Petrol Caps

Door Locks

Side Mounted Arieals

Sump Strainers

Indicator Units

Front and Rear Coil Over Shocks

Beetle Repair Panels

Sports Wheel Fittings

1600cc Heads (New 03/07/21)

1641cc Barrles and Pistons (New 03/07/21)

Oil Coolers (New 03/07/21)

Crankshaft Pullies (New 03/07/21)

Type 2 Specific Parts

Type 2 Calipers

Type 2 Calipers and Discs

Type 2 Front Panels

Assorted Type 2 Parts

Type 2 Repair Panels (UPDATED 24/05/21)

Type 25 Specific Parts

Type 25 Diesel Starter Motors

Type 25 Rear Bottom Quarter

Type 25 Calipers

Type 2 and Type 25 Brake Pads

Type 25 Repair Panels

Type 25 Shock Absorbers (New 15/05/21)

Type 25 Rear Hubs (New 15/05/21)

Type 25 Brake Shoes and Cylinders

Type 25 Bumper Corners (NEW 24/05/21)

Type25 Upper Front Panel (NEW 03/07/21)

Type25 Front Wheel Arch (NEW03/07/21)

Type 4 Specific Parts

Type 4 Repair Panels (New 15/05/21)

Karman Ghia Specific Parts

Karmann Ghia Front Indicator Lenses (New 24/05/21)