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Question: What Fuel should I use?
Answer: Most air-cooled Volkswagens will run on Unleaded Petrol with no changes to the original engine. You can uses additives if you wish. Pre-1966 engines may require an additive to prevent excessive engine wear. Any question, give us a call. Back to top.
Question: What Engine Oil Should I use?
Answer: Many Classic Volkswagen owners often use the incorrect multigrade oil in their engine. Incorrect oil can add to engine wear and it is best to use 20/50w Oil in stock air col led VW engines. Back to top.
Question: Can you use Diesel Oil in my Air-Cooled Engine?
Answer: Only as a temporary measure, for instance if you have developed an oil leak. It is a common myth that you can use Diesel oil in your engine on a daily basis. We recommend the use of 20/50w oil in your motor. Back to top.
Question: What is involved in a typical restoration?
Answer: Each restoration is unique to the customers requirements. All restored cars get new body panels, altenators, engine, breaks etc. See Restoration page for further information or call us on 01 8308889. Back to top.
Question: What Tyre pressure should I have on my front and rear tyres?
Answer: Modern Radial tyres on a Classic VW can take pressures up to 30psi on the front and 32psi on the rear tyres. See your tyre manufacture for more information. Back to top.
Question: What size engines are used in Air-Cooled Volkswagens?
Answer: Typical stock engine sizes are 1200, 1300 and 1600 engines, though 1776 and 2 litre engines are available. Call us for advice on the engine which most suits your needs. Back to top.
Question: Is it difficult to get insurance for Classic Volkswagens?
Answer: Insurance is custom to your criteria, many insurance brokers like First Ireland offer cover for the classic enthusiast. Back to top.
Question: How often should I get a service for my car?
Answer: We recommend every 6 months or 3500-5000 miles depending on usage. Back to top.