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What's going on in the workshop!

The yellow cabrio goes home with family!

Whos the blocky lad in the overalls! Is he meant to be here!

Some type 2 s come in for repairs.

A cabrio comes in for repairs

The purple beetle gets mechanical work.

Some beetles in for repairs.

Graham drops in in his Datsun.

And Brians Harley arrives in.

This 79 cabrio is now ready for welding.

This 74 beetle is starting to come together.

The purple beetle being finished.

A 1970 beetle comes in for stock. This one sadly may have to go.

Some customers and there cars

Mick and Cormac playing in the garage!

Eric calls in on his cruiser. Johnny comes in for a visit. The purple beetle is finished and the blue 74 is not far behind it

The 79 cabrio being welded.

Brother Nick and one of the promotional cars. Tickets will be availible this week. More information here>>

Ken and Linda and Fluff call in for a visit. The 74 beetle being worked on.

Philip's car comes in for an estimate. Someone damaged it and he s not a happy camper but he knows we can put it right again. This man really likes his beetle!

A type 25 and some beetles in for repairs.

Maybe look the other way! These two beetles had to go this week. Both were in really bad shape, however both their engines and gearboxes were in really good shape so their parts will keep other cars going.

Another beetle comes in for restoration.

Dave, Emmet, niall, and John having a bit of craic!

This type 2 gets its first few coats of paint.

Another beetle in for repairs.

Customers and their cars

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