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What's going on in the workshop!

Some type 25s and a 74 bay window in for repairs.

All crash damage repaired and a happy bunch!

This beetle comes in with some wing damage however there is previous damage and lots of corrosion so the owner agrees to replace the whole front of the car. This is a good time to do this as he wants to keep this beetle for a long time. When thinking about doing this type of repair its not always down to economics or saving money.Its all to do with weather the person that owns the car enjoys it enough to invest in this car or to go off and buy another car that will have issues no matter what. By doing this work he will end up with a safer strong car in the long run.

Some nice speedsters in for a check up and repairs.One of these cars will be for sale and it will be hard for the owner to make up his mind which one as both of them are beauties! The cream one has an alpha engine while the silver blue one has the old faithful beetle engine fitted.

The man selling them is Eric and he can be contacted on 0872482526.So if your in the market for a speedster these are certainly worth checking out as they are reasonably priced. He may take a cabrio beetle as an exchange as he also has a liking for beetles.

As you can see the front has been primed and painted and assembled and this orange beetle has a smile once again!

Some beetles in for service and repairs

A 74 camper in for repairs.

A karman ghia in for some repairs

Benjamin comes in with a real nice merc that he is selling.This is his number if you like mercs 0874162166.

Eric's speedster comes in for a visit.

An old friend returns. This 77 beetle used to belong to Dave that works here back in 1986. He sold it to his brother a couple of years later who then a few years later sold it on again. Then in 1998 Emilio bought it and restored it and sold it on. Then in 2003 it was sold back to Emilio and then Emilio sold it again.Guess what! Emilio bought it again this week. In a short time shes going to get the full treatment again so watch out for it in the restoration page. She was origanally yellow,then Dave painted her red,Then she was ordered in mint green! Maybe she may will go back to red,however whatever colour she goes she will live again!

A full house this week.

Some Vans

Well... it is aircooled!

David Kelly comes in for a visit with his faithful 1300s.

Some more rear quarter panels arrive.

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